Why you might not want to see the race on TV

The race of the century is in the books, and we’re not just talking about the most exciting moments of the race.

Here are some of the more interesting facts you need to know about the sport.

First, the races The US has five national NASCAR races.

The top three in each series, and the two best in each division, race on Sundays.

There are two major championships, the Sprint Cup and the Nationwide series, which also features two-time champions Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Chip Ganassi Racing.

The Nationwide series has the most points per race, with 10,735.

Last year, the Nationwide Series won the Sprint championship, the first time a NASCAR team has done so since the USAC merged with the National Association of Manufacturers.

The two most recent championships have been won by a pair of drivers who were born in the US: Kyle Larson of NASCAR’s Bristol Motor Speedway and Dale Earnhart Jr. of Texas Motor Speedway.

In the US, the National Sprint Championship runs through April 30.

The championship is held at Watkins Glen International Raceway, the world’s largest track in the United States.

The race starts in Watkins Glen, and races are streamed live on NBC Sports Live Extra.

The races are contested on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit, with the teams racing on a flat oval track and starting a short time later on the straightaway.

The cars start the race in a straight line at the start line.

In this case, the straightaways start out as long as 18m from the starting point.

The drivers enter the start straight and the cars go a total of 1.8m.

The first two laps are a long one, with a long pit stop for refueling.

The teams then start the long straight, with both drivers having to slow down for a pit stop.

This is the first pit stop, which can be anything from one second to two seconds.

After the drivers have done their pit stops, the teams switch to the long-track straight.

The car goes straight up the long straights, then up a steep climb, before finishing on a straight-away, which is the most difficult section of the course.

The last few laps are the most dangerous, with pit stops required.

The field consists of three drivers: Larson, Earnhardt and Ganassi.

The series is made up of four teams: the Chevrolet, the Ford and the VW.

The Ford team has won the title four times.

The other three teams are made up entirely of independents: Chip Ganassas, Denny Hamlin and Jeff Gordon.

The VW team has never won a race in the series.

The three drivers each have a minimum of six races under their belts.

Each team is allowed to run up to two drivers from each of the three divisions, and each team must have at least one driver from each division.

There’s also a team that’s made up solely of independents, and that team has the same minimum number of races under its belt.

The best driver is determined by a two-way tie.

After a series has been running for a few years, the two drivers that have been with the team for the longest time are considered the “winning” drivers, and their team will get the right to host the next race.

The most recent championship for the team is at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, which took place last year.

This year, three of the top four drivers from the series finished in the top three of each of their two races.

However, this year, NASCAR has chosen not to host a race for the first two races of the series this season.

For the first race, there are no other teams competing, but then the next three races are open to the public.

The format of the next two races is the same as the first, except the cars start in the straight-aways instead of the straight.

After that, the cars run a total distance of 1,250m.

At this point, a qualifying session begins and the drivers race each other in a 10-minute qualifying session.

The quickest drivers in the championship go into the first qualifying session to get a shot at the championship.

This session starts with a short pit stop before the drivers go back into the pits to start the second qualifying session, where the teams get their first chance to pit.

The next qualifying session lasts a total 12 minutes.

This time is called the “stretch” and it is held in the same position as the one at Mid.

The pit stops are shorter this time, so the drivers are able to slow a little more and get a little bit of practice.

At the end of the lap, the drivers finish their stint, and they go back to the pits for the restart.

The fastest drivers in each race go back out onto the track for the final time.

The driver who finishes first goes on to the final round of the championship, which takes place on May 17.

The four fastest drivers are eliminated. The winner

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