How music is making its way from the UK to Australia

A band that has played around the world and made waves has been touring the UK and Australia this year.

The music video for ‘Bend Over’ was filmed in the UK in 2015 and shows a woman dancing with a horse as she goes through a process of bending over.

It’s not a typical dance move, but it’s a very intimate moment and is now being performed in Australia.’

I’ve got a lot of friends who were born in Australia,’ singer and songwriter Laura Gabor told News Corp Australia.

‘It’s always been there and I’m really proud to be an Australian.”

It’s been a lot more fun than I expected,’ Gabor said.

‘I was expecting to be a little nervous and nervous when I was filming, but I think it’s helped a lot.’

It has been a little bit of a relief for me.’

The music videos were filmed by music producer Peter O’Dowd, and he has been using the music videos to promote the band’s upcoming album.’

We were very happy with the reactions to the music video,’ O’Doherty said.’

People loved it.

We’re so happy with it.

It’s a pretty special moment for us, to be honest.’

The band really wanted to make a video for the album, and we were going to try and make it even more special with the music, which was also something we wanted to do with the film.’

The album, ‘Songs For The Dead’, will be released in November.’

Songs for the Dead’ is scheduled for release on September 20.

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