Indycar race highlights from today’s event

Today’s IndyCar race, the #3 Chevrolet-powered entry for the 2017 season, featured a handful of hot-rod drivers, including Jenson Button and Kevin Harvick.

The first three laps of the race saw some hot-dogging and a quick-pitch drive-by-pass, with the most notable performance coming on Lap 11 when Button managed to take out Harvok and score a lap, the quickest ever by a car at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

IndyCar races typically feature a number of top-level racers at the same time, including Button, Harvrick, Kevin Harwood, and Jenson/Button combo, but this year, it was the two-time world champion who was the star. 

In the opening laps, Button and Harvicker both attempted a drive-through pass, with Harvock eventually getting his hands on the wheel and flipping the car. 

“You’ve got a big gap,” Harvoke said.

“You’ve seen what the guys are capable of.

You’ve seen them in action and it’s going to be a lot of fun.” 

Button took a pass, but the car got caught in the wind and eventually crashed into the wall.

Harvike then went on to score the fastest lap of the day with a lap of 1:56.8. 

The #3 car, which was run by the team from Pensacola, Fla., took the lead early on, as Harvack took out Harwood and Harwood’s teammates in the final two laps. 

Harvick then took a pit stop for a spin to try to get the car off the line, but he couldn’t make the effort and crashed into Harwood on the final lap. 

Both drivers were allowed to continue on to the next race and Harveick finished the race with a time of 1.99.2. 

Harlow was also the only driver in the field to make it to the final laps, as he finished the day in 2nd place, just behind Harvink. 

This year’s #3 Chevy will be the first car to make its first start at Indianapolis. 

2017 IndyCar season, results and schedule (as of August 29)

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