How to watch the first presidential debate in Italy

The first presidential race between incumbent Silvio Berlusconi and his challenger, Giorgio Napolitano, is being held in Rome.

The second presidential race is expected to take place in the town of Piazza delle Petit and is also expected to feature a number of other prominent politicians from both sides of the political divide. 

A lot of people from both parties are expected to be in attendance. 

The two frontrunners have been feuding over Berlusco’s handling of the recent financial crisis, while Napolitani has been critical of Berlusconist leader Silviana Ventura.

Both Berluscos were the main figures behind the impeachment of former Prime Minister Silvano Berlusseini last year, but both have since been in office since December 2012.

The first debate will take place on Monday (17:00 GMT) between Berluscians incumbent Silvia Ventura and Napolitans current candidate Giorgi Napolitini.

Berlusconi has been in power for more than four years and has managed to stay in office despite a series of scandals involving his associates, politicians and media outlets.

Napolitano is a relatively new candidate and is running for a second term.

She has been a member of the governing People of Freedom party for a decade and is considered a moderate on issues of economic policy.

Which Democratic Senate candidates could you vote for in 2020?

Democrats are planning to make some big changes to the party’s presidential nomination process to make the process more accessible to independents and others.

Senators and House members from the party are scheduled to meet with a number of outside groups and other groups to discuss the changes, including the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, the National Institute of Democratic Policy Research, and the Democracy Corps.

In addition to some changes in the 2020 nominating process, the groups plan to focus on voter turnout.

In the coming months, they plan to gather more data about turnout in presidential elections and look for ways to improve turnout and reach more voters.

Here are a few of the groups’ ideas for how they’d tackle the 2020 election: The Senate Democrats plan to make it easier for Democrats to nominate candidates for the Senate in 2020 by creating a “vote by mail” process that allows candidates to receive the nominations they need to win by mail from the Secretary of State’s office and the Secretary, the party said in a statement.

The Senate will also expand the use of electronic voting machines and the availability of ballot access programs, the statement said.

The group is also working with the DNC to improve voting and participation, the senators said.

Democrats are also considering using a combination of new technology and other tools to increase voter turnout, the group said.

It’s also exploring ways to increase the reach of candidates by making it easier to participate in primaries, caucuses, and elections in cities and towns across the country, the Senate Democrats said.

What the media is ignoring about the Talladega 500

By Ryan Stone, USA TODAY Sports The race for the NASCAR Sprint Cup will be one of the most important events in NASCAR history, and the race itself will have a big effect on the future of the sport.

That’s because NASCAR has the biggest television market in the United States, and it will be the first race to take place in the country outside of the big five major TV markets.

NASCAR fans are the largest in the world, and their ratings are a critical part of the success of a series.

It will be fascinating to see what impact the Tallidga 500 can have on the NASCAR television market.

Here’s what we know so far.


The Talladegas will be a big deal This is the most obvious thing about the race.

Talladegas is NASCAR’s big race.

The first race of the year in which the top teams in the sport are competing against one another, and that’s a big reason the series is such a big draw for fans.

Tallades is also the first weekend the race will be played on TV, with NASCAR announcing it on Saturday night.

So it will likely be the most watched race in NASCAR’s history, even though it’s not the first.

The race will also have an impact on how the sport’s fans and advertisers view the sport, which could be a major issue if it’s held on TV.

The races will be televised live by CBS, NBC and Fox, and they will also be streamed on and other sites.

Fans will also get the opportunity to watch the race online and on mobile devices through the NASCAR App, and there will be live-streamed live audio.

And NASCAR will hold its first-ever race in its home stadium, the Coca-Cola Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Oct. 8.

“The Talladegal 500 is an iconic event that has been a staple of the NASCAR calendar for more than 40 years, and one that is sure to be watched on the biggest stage in sports,” said NASCAR president of media, Ted Stewart.

“It’s going to be a fun and exciting race for fans to follow, with more than 50 drivers participating, and fans will have the opportunity for a unique experience at a once-in-a-lifetime moment for fans of NASCAR.”


It’s the biggest race of 2018 It will only be the second race in which all the top 10 teams in NASCAR have participated, and in 2017, the series had only three teams in its top 10.

The only other race in the top five in 2018 was the Daytona 500, in which three teams won: the Coca Cola Cup Series team that won the Daytona 1000 in 2011, the No. 18 team from the Nationwide Series that won at Watkins Glen last year, and even the No-Races from the Chase for the Sprint Cup series.

The top five teams in 2017 were the No; 1 teams from the NASCAR West Series, which has two teams in that top five.

So there will likely not be any team in the NASCAR South, which is a huge concern for fans because of the way the series has been run in the past.

But in 2018, the top four teams will all be back, and those four teams are the No.; 1 teams in this year’s race.

“This is going to bring the race to an exciting and memorable conclusion,” Stewart said.

3. “

But we also have to be aware of the fact that this is a big event and we have to keep the fans entertained.”


It could be the biggest day in NASCAR This race will go down as the biggest one ever held.

The championship has been on the line for a year now, but NASCAR has yet to announce how many teams will participate in the race, or even how many fans will be there to watch.

NASCAR will host its first race in 2021 at Daytona International Speedway, a venue that’s been the site of some of the biggest races in sports history.

It was also the site for the first Daytona 500 in 2000.

“I don’t think you can really put a date on this one,” Stewart told reporters in February.

“There’s no way to know that right now.

It doesn’t really matter to us.

We’re not going to make any announcements.”

Stewart also noted that the race is likely to be played at a stadium with a capacity of more than 100,000, so it could be one for the ages.

“For the most part, it’s going be the largest race in history,” Stewart added.

“If you’re going to play a big race at a venue like that, you’re probably going to get a big crowd.”

The race is set to start around 8:30 p.m.

ET and run through the day.

The final race

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