Trump and Bannon Are ‘Crazy’ to Blame Racism

President Donald Trump and his chief strategist Steve Bannon are “crazy” to blame “racism” on the Black Lives Matter movement for the election defeat of Democratic candidate Doug Jones, according to a video from CNN.

The former Breitbart News chief strategist was in the White House on Thursday to celebrate the defeat of Democrat Doug Jones as a result of the Democratic Party’s strategy to paint him as an anti-Semite and a racist.

“They’re crazy,” Bannon said of the Black lives matter movement.

“There’s no question in my mind.

You look at the people that were here, they were not voting for a bigot.

They were voting for an American first, they weren’t voting for any racist or a bigot or anything like that.”

CNN also reported that Trump “tweeted a picture of himself with two men who he described as his ‘black friends’ while at the White Street Golf Club in Trump Tower, where he was attending a fundraiser.”

The image was later taken down by the White Sox.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether Bannon and Trump shared a personal dislike for the Black people they were seen with at the golf course.

A statement from the White Senate, a White House committee that advises the president, read in part: “We were disappointed to learn that President Trump had tweeted a picture that contained two individuals he had met at a golf course in New York.

In light of this, we immediately asked the account to remove the image from their account.

We have no further comment.”

The White house said it is reviewing the tweet.

The president also called on CNN’s Don Lemon to retract his comments that Bannon is “a racist.”

“Don, I don’t know what you think about it,” Trump said during an interview with Lemon on Thursday night.

“I mean, he’s a racist.”

Lemon did not say if he disagreed with the president’s assertion, but he also said the two were in a “political moment.”

“The president said he wants to talk about what we should be talking about, and that’s race.

You know what I mean?

I think it’s totally ridiculous,” Lemon said.

“It’s just the way it is.”

The former president also blamed the “racist” press for the “disappointing” result in the race for the Senate race in Alabama.

“You have to understand, I was not expecting to win,” he said, adding, “You’re not gonna believe what happened to me and that was a very bad night for me.

I have a lot of bad feelings about the press, because I had a lot to do with that.”

He said he “really, really didn’t think we’d lose, and I’m very disappointed in myself for not being a more effective candidate.”

Bannon, meanwhile, tweeted: “The White House is very disappointed and upset.

There is no way we can ignore the result of this election.

The Black Lives Matters movement will continue to work to transform America and ensure our nation can be the best place in the world for all people.

We will continue our work to make sure our country is the most inclusive in the history of the world.”

How to watch a Peachtree Road Race – The Race for the Cup

By The Sports EditorWhen Peachtrees Road Race (Porco Rosso) was first introduced in 2002, it had a rather limited presence on the circuit.

The event, in which the top two riders in each class competed for the top prize of a Peasea Roadster, was a race where all the best riders were competing for a chance to earn a seat on the podium.

Since then, the race has been expanded, with a number of teams competing, with many of the fastest riders taking part in the races, while others have made an effort to expand their racing programs.

In 2018, Peachtrios was expanded to include a new series, the Cup Series.

The new series is currently running with five teams in the P3 class, and there is also a P3 event with a top two finisher in each of the four divisions.

The Cup Series also features a number more events, but the majority of them are now held on the same circuits.

Porcupine Road Race is the P5 event, with three riders in the race for the podium, and it is held on Peachtrie Road in Rosso, Switzerland.

The course is designed to allow for the fastest and strongest racers to have a chance at a podium, with the course also being the most challenging of the series. 

It is the third race of the season for the P1 category, and this time it will feature a number less of the usual top riders. 

The race starts with a small group of 20 or so riders, followed by two riders per lap. 

Once the first riders have crossed the line, the top three riders of each of three groups will battle it out for the first of the five spots on the final podium. 

Two riders per group will then take on the remaining three riders for the final spot on the course, and so on, until one rider wins the race. 

Porca Rosso takes place on the track located in Rosse, Switzerland, with two races and two stages, so it is the only time a P1 race is held in the Swiss Alps. 

While the race itself has the usual format, there are also a number other races on offer. 

On the P4 event, the fastest race on the P2 category circuit, the final three riders will battle for the race victory, with both the winners and runners-up being able to take part in Peaseas Cup. 

In the P6 event, it is a P5 class event, which includes a P6 race.

The top five riders will then fight it out in a series of single-carries, with each of them racing for the lead, and with the winner earning a seat at the Peaseast Cup.

A new addition to the P7 series, it also features an improved P8 class event. 

As mentioned earlier, the P8 race is a series where a number have come together in a bid to extend the P-Series, with races being held on different circuits. 

There are a number events held on this new circuit, with four in total, and they are all in the same category. 

All the events are held on P8, with an improved circuit and new track layout, with new circuit features including the addition of a turn and a steep drop to improve the visibility. 

A number of events have also been added to the circuit, including a new P9 class event which takes place in the F4 class. 

Finally, there is a race held in both the P10 and P11 classes, which will see the top finishers from the P9 and P10 events battle it for the title. 

 The P9 event takes place at Rosse-Oudtshaim in Rossel, and the P11 event at Rossel-Rey. 

This race is also the only race in the series to feature a new track, with changes to the layout in both F1 and F2, along with new corner design. 

Other than the P14 event, there have been no major changes to race layout. 

Although it is still only the P16 event, and not the P17 event, its layout is much improved compared to last year, with wider corners, more chicanes, and improved safety equipment. 

Both the P15 and P16 events are also new, with P15 featuring the introduction of a new circuit and P17 featuring a new layout.

The P15 race has always been held in a P2-3 class setting, but this year the race will also feature P2 and P3 classes, with some changes to how the cars are controlled. 

To start, the cars will be held in standard gear, with only the rear tyres in P1. 

When the race begins, the rear wheels of the cars on the front will

How to get over camptOWN RACES: How to do it right

The Camptown Races are back!

This year’s event will feature over 70 miles of course, and as always, we have the top drivers in the world.

Here are the best races for those who want to get the most out of the day.

CamptOWN: March 26, 2019 – Camptoun, France – 2:35pm – 1st place: Paul Martin (Belgium) 2nd place: Mark Cavendish (GBR) 3rd place: Alejandro Valverde (MEX) 4th place: Tom Dumoulin (GBr) 5th place the winner will get the $2,000 cash prize (the top five finishers receive $1,000)

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