‘I don’t feel I belong’ as LEGO race car owner’s wife loses a leg, then dies

In a video released on Friday, a woman in her mid-40s is seen lying on a bed and pleading for help, pleading with her boyfriend to find her son.

In a second video, a man is heard pleading for the woman to find his wife.

“I don, uh, I don’t, I have no one,” the woman says in the first video.

“She doesn’t have no phone, no money, no nothing,” she continues.

“The only thing she has, her phone is in her pocket, and she’s not even going to look for me.”

The woman, identified only as Misha, has two children who live in her hometown of Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

“Please, please help me, please,” Misha begs her boyfriend in the second video.

The man responds by asking her to get a new phone and a new wallet.

The video ends with the woman telling her boyfriend, “I can’t get to the hospital,” and then pleading for her to call police.

“It’s just, it’s not fair,” she says.

“My boyfriend, my son, he needs to go home, he can’t go home.”

Misha’s family told the BBC that Misha was a single mother of two.

“Misha is a mother, a wife, a mother,” said her sister, Irina Kuzminova.

“We hope that the authorities will take care of her and her children, and that they will help her get to hospital.”

The Uzbek government has said that Masha’s death was a “tragic accident” and that her death was “due to the circumstances of the accident,” according to the state-run TashKhan news agency.

The BBC’s Aliya Huseynova reported from Tashkan, Uzbekia.

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