Rat Race movie trailer reveals race ramps in Australia

A new trailer for Rat Race has revealed that race ramps can be found throughout the Australian outback.

The trailer, directed by Tim Hunt and released online, shows the race cars race along the side of a dirt road.

It has been dubbed “the ultimate race track”.

The track was chosen by the Australian Racing Commission for the Rat Race, and the film’s makers said it was a great place to see the cars.

“The tracks are fantastic and it’s an ideal place to test your car against some really well-known cars, like the Ferrari 458 and McLaren MP4/1, the McLaren P1, and a few other cars,” said Tim Hunt.

“It’s a great way to test and see how well you’ve got that car.”

The trailer was filmed in the outback, which is home to about 20% of Australia’s remaining wild and ungulates, including the Kangaroo, koala and fox.

“In this film, the cars are really driven to the limit and then we see how much fun they have when they get into these tight spots,” said Hunt.

“We also see how hard they can race.”

Rat Race will be released on September 22.

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