How to Know the Meaning of the Words ‘War on Drugs’ and ‘War On Terrorism’

From the start of the drug war, the phrase “war on drugs” has meant something different.

In reality, the war on drugs is a war on people, especially minorities and those living in poverty, for what it is: a criminalization of the way people think, act, and live.

This means that drug use and addiction are criminalized as a way to prevent people from living their lives free from crime.

In the United States, we know that there are serious social, economic, and political costs associated with the drug wars.

There are no easy answers, but we can begin to make sense of the war in terms of the human rights violations it is causing, and how we can work to end it.

We know that the drug trade is an illegal activity, but the war has made it illegal for people to live their lives in a way that is healthy and free of crime.

The war on drug is not only a war, but it is also a conflict between the American people and a foreign power.

When the American public learns about the war, it feels like it has been caught in the crossfire of an American-led war against drugs.

But in reality, it is not that simple.

To understand the war better, we need to look at what it means for minorities, for people living in marginalized communities, and for the people who are living in poor, urban neighborhoods.

The Drug War as a Global Conflict Since the mid-1970s, the United Nations has worked to end the drug-related war in the United Sates.

The U.S. government has used the United Nation’s Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances to criminalize marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin as well as heroin, LSD, and other drugs that are used to treat serious illnesses.

It has criminalized the drug use of children, the homeless, the mentally ill, and those who are otherwise at risk of violence, abuse, or neglect.

These crimes have caused severe social and economic costs.

In addition, the drug cartels have created a new global power structure by securing a monopoly on the drug market and control over the supply of drugs that has left tens of millions of people in poverty.

The United States has been the world’s largest market for the illicit drug trade, accounting for 40% of all illegal drugs worldwide, and more than half of the illegal drugs sold in the U.K., France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

The drug war is not simply a war.

It is a conflict that affects all of us in ways that are often difficult to understand, and that require a great deal of work to resolve.

We can begin by looking at what the United states is doing as part of a larger international strategy that includes the war against drug trafficking.

It began with the arrest of Pablo Escobar and other drug lords in Colombia.

The following year, President George H.W. Bush declared war on the Medellin Cartel.

The Colombian government declared a national emergency and declared that it was no longer able to fight drug trafficking within its borders.

It took years for the United State to take control of Medellas drug trafficking operations, and it took years more to dismantle the Medalleros drug trafficking network.

Colombia also has been fighting its own drug war for years.

Since 1996, it has fought a war against coca cultivation and production, which has resulted in tens of thousands of coca leaves being eradicated.

This war has also been waged against drug cartels that operate in Colombia, and has resulted on the ground in the deaths of more than 1.7 million people.

The military has also played a major role in the war.

Colombian military personnel have been deployed to the United Arab Emirates and in Somalia, where they have been trained to fight the drug traffickers.

In 2016, the U,S.

military sent a Predator drone to Colombia.

This drone provided the Colombian military with the capability to strike targets within a 200-kilometer radius around the country.

It also allowed the Colombian government to conduct surveillance flights over Colombia to monitor drug trafficking and narco-trafficking networks.

The Predator drone also provided Colombia with information that could be used to determine the location of the Medelins drugs.

The CIA and the U-2 spy planes provided Colombia and the Colombian forces with high-definition video cameras and other equipment that allowed the Colombians to monitor the movement of drug traffickers and narcomanados, as well the locations of cocas cocaine production and production sites.

The Colombia government has also developed new tactics to counter drug trafficking, including the deployment of armed police to patrol the country’s highways and the use of drones to identify and track the movement and movements of drug users.

These tactics have resulted in the seizure of more 2.5 million cocaine and heroin capsules, along with $1.4 billion

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