The killing of a white Australian was racially motivated

A white man was killed in Sydney’s west by a group of black men.

Key points:A group of three young black men attacked and killed a white man who was on a footpath in the city’s westThe three were reportedly shouting racial slurs at the victim, who was walking with his wife in his carA witness said he heard one of the men yell “get out of here, get out of this country”The victim, aged in his 30s, was walking home from a friend’s house in the suburb of Kew, about 50 kilometres west of Sydney’s CBD, when three black men approached him, allegedly saying they were going to kill him.

He was hit with a hammer, kicked in the head and robbed of his mobile phone, according to the ABC.

“They were shouting racist things and saying, ‘get outta here, you’re not a good white man,'” witness Ben Henson told ABC Radio Sydney.

“The three of them then kicked him in the chest.

He fell to the ground.

One of them got a hold of his waistband and tried to rip his pants off.

The other one took his pants and went to get a drink.”‘

You can see his blood’The victim was taken to hospital, but his condition was not known at the time.

He told the ABC he heard a man shouting “get him out of Australia” before one of them “went and got his drink and left”.

“I heard him say, ‘what do you want?

What do you wanna do with him?'”

Mr Henson said.

“I thought it was a bit strange that he didn’t want to have him in Australia.

It seems quite strange that a white person was targeted.”

Mr Henson was one of about 10 people interviewed by police who attended the scene of the attack, the ABC reported.

“You can clearly see his [the victim’s] blood on his hand,” one of those interviewed, who did not want to be named, told the broadcaster.

“He was bleeding profusely from the neck.

He had a fractured cheekbone.

I could see blood on the back of his head and his hand was swollen.”

Police confirmed they had made an arrest in relation to the killing.

Police said the group were known to the victim and were seen “acting suspiciously”.

“It was quite obvious that there was some kind of altercation and we had to speak to the individuals involved,” Detective Inspector Mick Jones told the BBC.

“It’s a tragic event and we do have to take all the appropriate steps to investigate.”‘

We’ll take this seriously’Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the media he was aware of the “profound tragedy” but refused to make a statement on the incident.

“There is no justification for this,” he said.”[It’s] tragic.

I’m deeply saddened by the events that took place.””

We’ll certainly take this matter very seriously and look at all the options that we can.”‘

No excuses’Prime minister says the attack was racially aggravated and that “there is no excuse for this.”

“I know this is a deeply disturbing and deeply tragic event,” he told reporters in Sydney.”[I]nevitably people are going to be angry and angry with the police and the Australian Federal Police, but I think this has to be dealt with in the most serious and appropriate way.”

“No excuses are going on in relation [to the attack] because this is what the law says.”

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